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            Putting gender on the media agenda in South Asia Travel bursaries for broadcast skills exchange — apply now Developing women’s voices in East African media Our Ebola briefing to broadcasters

            Putting gender on the media agenda in South Asia

            The CBA is again joining with Unesco to provide training that brings together broadcasters and NGOs from Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka to improve the position of women in the media

            Travel bursaries for broadcast skills exchange — apply now

            As a broadcaster working at a CBA member organisation, you could be eligible for a funded exchange visit to another member country to share ideas and best practice in different aspects of broadcasting and journalism

            Developing women’s voices in East African media

            We have partnered with Unesco and the Tanzanian Broadcasting Corporation to run gender awareness training for East African broadcasters

            Our Ebola briefing to broadcasters

            As some of our members grapple with the impact of the virus outbreak, we have sent a practical briefing to affected and potentially affected broadcasters

            Exchange stories through the Commonwealth Voices project

            Through an audio content exchange, we’re inviting members to swap cultural stories for radio in the run-up to the Commonwealth Games

            Prince George christening footage on CBA News Exchange

            CBA members have free downloadable broadcast access to scenes outside baby Prince George’s christening in London

            The Commonwealth Broadcasting Association
            is the world’s largest association of public broadcasters. We provide a leading forum for knowledge exchange, and support members in the changing digital media landscape

            We’re changing!

            The CBA is becoming a truly global media network

            The CBA is becoming a truly global media network

            We will soon relaunch as the Public Media Alliance. The new name reflects our broader global focus, enabling Public Service Broadcasters from beyond the Commonwealth to join as members with full voting rights. The word “media” also replaces “broadcasting” to reflect the multiplatform, multimedia reality of PSB in the digital age.

            Broadcast moves

            The latest high-level appointments and departures in public radio and television

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            African media association leads way with 50% female board

            The leadership of the Southern African Broadcasting Association (Saba) has blazed a trail for gender equality in African media with the inauguration of a 50 per cent female board.

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            What shape will children’s media take in the digital era?

            The CBA held a special workshop, Children’s Media at the Core of Public Service Media in a Multiplatform Era, at the World Summit on Media for Children?in Malaysia.

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            World Broadcasting groups unite to protect TV spectrum

            Broadcasting unions from around the world have issued a joint statement calling for the preservation of spectrum allocated to TV.

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